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Eight months ago we hired a couple of guys, promoted one of our Lead Engineers, and setup a PMO. It hasn't been delivering anything you know…” Is a statement that is becoming increasingly familiar in many parts of the world and across various industries.

While executives and decision makers are coming to realize the importance of the PMO, and that the PMO is the main vehicle for Strategy Execution, many are under the impression that the setup and running of a PMO is as easy as taking the decision and hiring the right resources – what we call the “Plug and Play” syndrome, which has led to the failure and decline of multiple PMOs worldwide.

By constantly delivering value and strategic benefits, the PMO becomes the heart of any organization, regardless of size, industry, or geographic location. Many see the PMO as a cost-center, when in reality PMOs are profit centers since they deliver organizational value, examples of which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Launching new products and/or services
  2. Penetrating new markets
  3. Creating new products and/or services
  4. Automating and enhancing practices to reduce cost through operational efficiencies
  5. Assuring compliance with regulatory requirements

Organizations need to develop, equip, and constantly improve their PMOs in a manner that leverages organizational agility and dynamism in today’s ever-changing markets. PMOs need to deliver value to the organization on a constant basis by effectively and efficiently implementing strategic initiatives and their anticipated benefits.

At BBI, we support our clients with the establishment and enhancement of their PMOs, through the development and deployment of all the requisite components:

  1. Methodology
  2. Processes
  3. Governance
  4. Templates
  5. Playbooks and process Narratives
  6. Training
  7. Coaching
  8. Role Definition
  9. Organizational Structures and integration
  10. Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)
  11. Organizational Enablers

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We start the engagement by assessing the status quo: how projects are currently managed, your unique environment, and your unique requirements, then we work with you on bridging the gaps and building the maturity of your PMO. Our team works with them every step of the way by:

  1. Developing Manuals, standards, processes, and templates 
  2. Developing Governance Frameworks and Standards
  3. Developing and implementing Management Information Systems that best serve the purpose of your PMO and the needs of your organization.
  4. Recruiting the appropriate staff to manage and run your PMO
  5. Training recruited staff on how to utilize and implement the Manuals, Standards, Processes.
  6. Coaching Stakeholders on how to interact with, support, and benefit from the PMO

Post PMO launch, we do not disengage until we are confident that it is fully operationalized, embedded in the organization, and integrated into its business processes. We help you migrate current projects and programs into the new PMO, and initiate and plan new ones. This increases the adoption and sustainment of the new PMO and its methodologies. 

We return, at no extra charge, after 3-months of PMO operations and perform a performance audit. The audit helps us confirm that what we have developed is working for your organization and that you are deriving value from the PMO. If there are any areas that require attention, fine-tuning, or further development, we make sure that they are addressed effectively.

All services performed by BRISK Business Inc. are in complete alignment with the Project Management Institute (PMI®)’s standards, practice guides, and best practices. 

Contact us now to build and launch your PMO. 


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