Strategic Program & Project Delivery

Strategic Objectives are most effectively met through rigorous project and program management. Their uniqueness to the organization, complexity, and vitality call for rigor, governance, and management capabilities that are seldom paralleled in the day-to-day operations of any business.

When clients are faced with projects and programs that fit one or more of the following criteria, they call on our team of world-renowned professionals to deliver on their behalf:

  • The project/program is of high strategic value and business vitality
  • The organization does not have the capacity to manage and deliver the project due to other concurrent commitments
  • The organization would rather focus on other priorities, including but not limited to business as usual operations
  • The project/program is highly complex 


Our unique engagement model guarantees that projects and programs are delivered to the client based on the following criteria:

  1. On-time (Or earlier, if proven to add value)
  2. On-budget (Or lower)
  3. As per the defined scope necessary to produce the deliverables and realize the benefits identified in the business case
  4. In alignment with the organization’s strategy
  5. As per industry and organizational quality standards  
  6. In compliance with regulatory requirements.
  7. With minimal risk exposure.

BBI offers some of the world’s best, most talented, and well equipped professionals there are to deliver strategic projects and programs for our clients.

BBI’s teams encompass almost every geographic region, industry, and background. Our team members are not only certified and credentialed, but also enjoy international recognition and standing for their achievements and capabilities. Most of them are Subject Matter Experts on most of the Project Management Institute (PMI®)’s Standards.

When delivering our clients’ programs or projects, our team members are supported with:

  • The necessary infrastructure to plan, manage, and deliver projects and programs
  • Internal governance and quality assurance that ensure compliance to PMI® standards and industry best practices 
  • Best Practice, Lessons Learned, and knowledge pools from different sectors, industries, similar organizations, and similar engagements
  • Knowledge of local markets and operating environments
  • A plethora of research that address the most pressing issues and new advances in the profession

We manage on our clients’ behalf and not instead of them. We employ measures that provide our clients with delivery assurances. our clients receive periodic, accurate, and timely reporting on all aspects of their projects and programs, warranting complete transparency and visibility on your projects and programs. In short, it becomes our responsibility to successfully deliver our clients Programs and Projects and realizing the anticipated strategic goals and benefits.


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